The Power of Transformation through unity and oneness of purpose

networkof light_Jaesi Bone
Network of Light by Jaesi Bone

We are all on the path to more light, love, spiritual fulfillment, and service in the world.

We want to share our thoughts, ideas and inspiration with you through articles, poems, paintings, images, meditations, lectures and videos.

If you resonate with or are inspired by these, let us know by liking us, sharing with friends, or leaving a comment in the pages that follow.

The seed and inspiration for sharing this work with the world is Eila Laurikainen, artist, meditator, teacher/educator, esoteric astrologist and psychologist, philosopher, and futurist. Eila’s vision and dream is:

Imagine if we could all sound our inner note as a unified note, if we could find our unity not diversity, our oneness not separateness . . . Our work then is to act as a unified field, a receivertransmitter of energies, being as compassionate and true to our essence as we can, finding others who are conscious and caring for the world, being involved in service of some description, and together working harmoniously for the development of the community which will help in the awakening of the Soul of Australia and the soul of your own nation.

The Network of Light symbolically depicts the work of the Esoteric Sciences and Creative Education Foundation, founded in 1990, and whose members and associates are individuals and groups from around the world, who through meditation and service, form a spiritual network of light, love and power.

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